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Lohri Gift Hampers options for you!

As the winter chill sets in and the harvest season comes to a close, the air in India is filled with the anticipation of Lohri. This vibrant and joyous festival, primarily celebrated in Punjab, marks the end of the winter solstice and welcomes longer days.

Traditionally observed on the 13th of January, Lohri is a time of bonfires, folk songs, dance, delectable treats, and, of course, heartfelt gifting.Lohri, deeply rooted in agricultural significance, is a celebration of fertility, new beginnings, and the abundance of nature. It is a festival that brings communities together, fostering bonds of unity, warmth, and shared joy. Among the many beautiful customs associated with Lohri, the tradition of exchanging gifts holds a special place.

1.Melted's Nazar Na Lage Potli

Presenting our new Launch Nazar Na Lage Potli.The entire ensemble is elegantly presented in a delightful pink potli, adorned with intricate golden embroidery. The potli serves not only as a stunning packaging but also as a keepsake for storing your treasures or gifting to a loved one.Experience the harmonious blend of protective elements and luxurious self-care with Nazar Na Lage Potli. Embrace positivity and serenity with this thoughtfully curated hamper, perfect for gifting or indulging in moments of self-pampering.

2.Melted's Divine Illumination Set

The name captures the essence of the Divine Illumination Set hamper, which includes pooja essentials with Pooja oil with the essence of Basil & Sandalwood , A Lotus scented soy wax candle and beautiful diyas which will make your pooja extra special, all designed to create a divine and aromatic atmosphere.This handpicked assortment of items combines aesthetics, functionality, and spirituality to create an unforgettable gifting experience. Share the gift of serenity and devotion with someone special or treat yourself to a moment of tranquility with this exquisite hamper.


Melted Kubera brings the old world into the new. This set of Kuber diyas comes filled with ethically sourced natural wax that have a much more controlled burn than oil, ghee or camphor. They melt slower, are easier to clean up, and do not release carcinogens. Celebrate the feminine power to procure and protect abundance with the brilliance of brass and gentleness of saffron.

4.Midnight Fireworks

A decadent assemblage of a black box with mirror acrylic with vanilla and jasmine fragrance in a lovely blue glass candle, the Midnight Fireworks is a sure-fire festive must! Handcrafted candles and our artisanal Lush Rose and Lavender Soap Bar make this hamper the pinnacle of luxury. Pour a cup of Tea Heaven’s Kashmiri kahwa and bask in the rich notes of Itaar and the lovely aroma of authentic essential oils used to make our products. Chocolate-coated almonds and rosier honey make for a sweet snack and the coasters make this a dream!

5.Palace Crystals

This royal ensemble Palace Crystals Hampers bears a brass and glass box housing a Gulaichi mouth freshener and Diamond Crystal Jar Candle, the star of the show. Sturdy yet delicate, it adds elegance and poise fit for its name. Hand-poured, cruelty-free and ethically sourced, it is sure to add a sparkle to any room with through its look and its lovely aroma. The ambrosial fragrance of attar and lush rose and lavender soap bar ensures a long-lasting fragrance and a festive ethos cheer throughout!

6.Basket of Light

This Basket Of Light intricately woven cane basket is laden with the love and light of a powder blue Bell Jar Candle! Enjoy a luxurious soak with the rose bath salt and the lavender foot soak while savouring the Gulaichi mishri and Rosier honey. An indulgent hamper complete with a Rose wax tablet in a satin pouch and faux flower branch, the essential oils and 100% authentically sourced products work wonders amid the bustle of the festive season!

Thanks for reading!

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