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Gift of a Flower

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Giving flowers has long been a way to show appreciation and care for people. Cultures all around the world have made much of flowers, attributing significance to blooms and even creating stories about how different flowers came to be.

The language of flowers is extremely sophisticated, every bloom holding a meaning and their combinations in bouquets sending complete messages. While this was common under the Turks and in Sweden, it reached its peak in Victorian England, an age where displays of emotion were frowned upon and people resorted to using flowers to express themselves. The language of flowers is very nuanced and beautifully fills up spaces that words can’t.

Expressing how much people matter to you can be hard enough when they’re around you, adapting to the need for distance in the ‘new normal’ only adds to it. When we say we’re here for all your gifting needs, we really do mean all of them. We’ve put together some bouquets and flower combinations so that distance can’t stop you from telling people they are cherished.

“I value you”

Nothing quite like a budding pink rose to show your admiration for someone. With its connotations of grace and sweetness comes an implied gratitude- a ‘thank you for being who you are, I appreciate you’. Bright fuschia or dark pink roses are great too, they also mean appreciation and gratitude. A bouquet of a medley of roses in different hues and shades of pink suggests that you hold somebody in high esteem and is a great way to let people know they are cherished.

“Good luck!”

Periwinkle and Sunflowers are perfect for this one, both flowers are welcoming of new beginnings and opportunities. Sunflowers are universally recognized as ‘happy flowers’. Mix in the joy of Gerberas and the charm and enthusiasm of Godetias for a bright bouquet full of cheer guaranteed to bring a smile! Periwinkle stands for strength.

New beginnings are nerve-wracking and it takes a great deal of courage to take the plunge. Let the people you love know that they unconditionally have you in their corner and that you believe in them. Bolster their confidence with a beautiful, meaningful, bouquet.

“Get well soon”

Daisies signified good health and revival and so are the top choice for a bouquet or wreath to place beside someone who has taken ill. Daffodils signify the start of spring and are a cheerful yellow that is bound to lift spirits. Add in some Zinnias too if you can. These flowers speak of endurance and tenacity and the blooms tend to last the longest, or Rajnigandha or Jasmine to show vitality and healing. Complement your bouquet with wallflower prints to say ‘I see you endure at the face of adversity and I am proud’ for a thoughtful present.

“I miss you”

Peach roses have your back for this one. A mix of peach roses and carnations is a great way to let someone know you miss them and they’re on your mind. Stargazer lilies can be mixed into the bouquet too. Pink and white carnations are usually the best fit for telling someone you miss them because they carry connotations of remembrance and a wistful desire to have a loved one nearby along with the hope and goodwill for them. Feel free to add in a red carnation or two too; these flowers signify devotion and affection. White (adoration) and pink (longing) camelias are great options too.

“Thank you”

Lily of the Valley is a clear winner for this one. These flowers carry implications of sweetness, humility, gratitude and joy; there is no better way to thank someone for the impact they have had on your life. Hydrangeas are for sincerity and any message that is heartfelt. Throw in Chrysanthemums and Gerberas too to mix your gratitude with joy, cheer and wishes for a healthy and prosperous life.

The flowers mentioned here are seasonal but we partner with florists around the year so that the perfection of your bouquet is never compromised. Whether you send only flowers or pair them with hampers customized and designed for you, Melted has something for every kind of relationship and everything you want to say. We strive to bring love and light to all your relationships, picking products, be those flowers or any other item in our range, that are the very best. You can explore our flower hampers here

Your gifts are special because they come from you and they go to people who matter to you. Our effort since inception has been to elevate the experience of gifting, to translate your sentiments into presents that convey what you want them to and our bouquets and hampers are no different.

No matter what it is you want to say, we have flowers to fit and arrangements to bring out their best. Say it better with our customizable flower hampers and bouquets. Happy gifting!

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Thanks for reading!

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