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Day-Off Hamper

Day-Off Hamper

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₹3,650.00Sale Price
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Be your best this year and every year with Melted Day Off.

Our most comprehensive self-care kit yet has everything you need to elevate your rest day and get you the best sleep of your life.

Clock in those relaxation hours with a long, lush bath with Melted Lavender Goat Milk Soap and Melted Mandarin Bath and Foot Soak. Let the fragrance and the goodness of this rich bath ease your muscles and drain all your stress and exhaustion. And then heighten this Day Off with a lovely massage for your face with the Rose Quartz Roller.

Depuff and brighten your under eyes with Celesti Orb Of Night under eye mask. Apply gently under your eyes and then make yourself a lovely cup of tea sweetened with Acacia Honey while your skin absorbs the goodness. Apply a night cream that suits your skin best and get a good night's sleep using our satin mask.

DM us for more information or customisations.

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