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Melting Diosa

Melting Diosa

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Diosa is the goddess in every woman
She isn't perfect
She chooses her own path and doesn't back away from the challenges she meets and builds a home in the wilderness. She is the warmth of a hearth and the fury of a wildfire.
She takes up space.
She creates space for herself


Meet Diosa, our newest hand-poured soy wax candle available in two scents, Lavender and Oudh, that show the two aspects of her
Lavender is her softness, her capacity to heal and nourish. In aromatherapy, Lavender oils are used to relax muscles, ease anxiety, help with sleep and even reduce mild pain. Diosa Lavender is tender and loving and seeks to look after
Oudh is her demand to be seen. This fragrance is unapologetic and makes its presence felt. The aroma lingers for hours after the candle is put out; she leaves her mark and is not easily forgotten


Diosa by Melted. Live your power. 

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