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Ruby Chest

Ruby Chest

₹875.00 Regular Price
₹800.00Sale Price
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Melted Ruby Chest is a natural wax candle handpoured into a red glass container with a lid. Compact, easy to store and delightful to look at, it is an easy addition to vanities of all kinds and can also find a home in your living room or study. Bejewel your space with a lush candle that brings out the best of you. Sustainably sourced, conscientiously crafted and made for luxury, Melted Ruby Chest brings together exquisite and refined sensibilities of beauty and rootedness. Natural wax candles burn slow and steady without releasing carcinogens, making Ruby Chest a long-lasting candle that is safe to burn daily without fear of harm. Available across a spectrum of fragrances drawn from natural, organic sources, it is a gift that keeps on giving. The lush aroma releases slowly and persists long after the candle is put out. Keep it covered to retain the aroma of the candle even longer.

In keeping with our commitment towards sustainability, the glass jar for Ruby Chest is reusable. Clean the container when the candle is done to have a lovely red jar to use as you like.

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