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Buying a gift is usually a tedious process and you would have often seen family and friends barely put any thought into it. That’s what Melted aims to change, one gift at a time. Sana, the founder, is passionate about creating experiences with thoughtful gifts that are also sustainable and memorable. So here’s to redefining luxury with Melted. 



Since her earlier days, Sana Bhatia had been looking for meaning, a purpose in life, as most of us do. Over the years, her penchant for solo travel and advanced meditation influenced, grounded, and inspired her. 

She believes her many travels have been one of the earliest chapters in the story of Melted. All things handmade would fascinate her since childhood, most of all - scented candles and soaps. Her curiosity led her to a variety of local stores across the world. She couldn’t help but wonder why sustainable produce from fields and farms aren’t being tapped in India. The startling amount of focus on carcinogenic paraffin wax and usage of sneaky fragrance in soaps unsettled her. 

Melted was born after years of research into better alternatives such as soy and beeswax for candles and understanding how paraben-free soaps can be made. Today, Melted is a new, homegrown brand that’s growing by the day as more and more hampers are reaching homes across India, melting hearts with understated luxury. More about Sana’s story >


We Believe in Melting Hearts


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Melted believes in clean, sustainable sourcing of raw material from the heartland of India

Our signature fragrances are natural, the best in quality, and curated after thorough research 


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All merchandise is designed in-house and made in India

Everything we put together is versatile and is a reflection of modern Indian sensibilities


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Our team curates experiences by coming up with hampers that are tailored basis your choice, taste, and budget

We promise to make all deliveries on time because that’s what makes gifts most precious.


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Not compromising on quality as we grow, and ensuring we never lose our signature style – of understated elegance

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