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First Light- Neroli Soy Candle

First Light- Neroli Soy Candle

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First Light is an eco-friendly Neroli-scented soy wax candle poured into a glass jar and stoppered by a cork lid. It is compact, portable, and a low-maintenance gift for your loved ones. Use it as a stand-alone present or make it part of a larger hamper, it is sure to win hearts either way.

Natural wax burns slowly and is long-lasting, giving you extra hours of burn time. It has a slower and smoother burn that is completely toxin-free and releases no carcinogens.

At Melted, we pride ourselves on sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients to make cruelty-free luxury of the finest quality. First Light offers you the timeless indulgence that is good for you and good for the world.

Every part of this treat is eco-friendly! The candle is contained in a glass jar that can be cleaned and reused. The cork lid keeps your candle fresh and protects the scent in between uses. While using the candle or after you finish it, it can be used as a coaster too. Sustainable luxury with minimal waste is our promise and we can't wait for you to share the floral blush of First Light with us.

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