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Kiss of Dawn- Mandarin Foot & Bath Soak

Kiss of Dawn- Mandarin Foot & Bath Soak

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Melted Kiss of Dawn is a detoxifying bath salt made with a mixture of Epson salt crystals, rock salt, organic Mandarin oil and dried Mandarin slices. It comes in a sturdy glass jar with a cork lid for easy storage and use - keep it sealed when not in use to prevent the crystals from clumping. Add it to your shower routine or soak your hands and feet at the end of a long day, Melted Kiss of Dawn will rejuvenate your skin and your senses. Immerse yourself in an experience that feels exactly like waking up to birdsong after a long, deep sleep.

Warm soaks are great stress relievers and using a bath salt makes it even better. Epsom salt eases muscle pain and inflammation and relieves headaches. Soaking your feet drains out the tension from your soles, softens hard and dry skin and helps your foot care reach even deeper into your skin, making it smoother and more nourished.

Nor only does Mandarin oil smell great, it is also anti-inflammatory and a relaxant. Like all citrus essential oils, the fragrance of mandarins has a refreshing kick and is a truly unmatched pick-me-up. Use regularly for best results.

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