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Light Up My Life

Light Up My Life

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Few things feel as good as getting thoughtful, hand-picked gifts. Made entirely of ethically sourced natural wax and available in multiple fragrances, our Jharokha candle is a delight to see and smell. The carved marble adds to the grandeur of this already regal beauty. Our Glass Pop candle is a more potable variety of this same indulgence, for you to carry a piece of elegance with you wherever you go. Leisure Lavender is a massage in the form of a bath salt. Lavender is a relaxant, an antiseptic, an analgesic and a sedative among other things. Epsom salt soaks heal and revive like nothing else. There's no going wrong with this bath salt. Tea Haven's tea is delightful to the sense and will be the perfect accompaniment to an evening of self-indulgence. 

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