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Rose Bud Wardrobe Freshner

Rose Bud Wardrobe Freshner

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Most spaces have a smell of some sort. Choose yours. 
Marking and claiming spaces with aromas goes back a long way, often with different fragrances being earmarked for different occasions. The smell of roses has a long historical association with ritual purification. Before rituals, after journeys, and even before events, people would bathe in rose water to cleanse and perfume themselves. Nothing said 'clean and fresh' like the smell of roses.
Our fragranced wax Freshners add a rosy lilt wherever you put them, your own little potli of history. Place it in a cupboard or cabinet, hang it in your washroom or simply leave it out to perfume your car. Let the pure fragrance of roses infuse your space with a distinctively Indian freshness. These freshners are extremely low-maintenance and long-lasting, just be careful not to leave them under harsh sunlight or heat and they will last months. 

Mark your space. Wax Tablets by Melted.

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